Sorry scratch that title! This isn’t

about me it’s about you.

But first this, While growing up as a child, I always wanted
to find purpose. I was very agile and active as a child. As little as I was in
primary school I knew I wanted to be an accountant. I never fancied other
professions like being a doctor, lawyer, nurse etc. People said it was because
my dad is an accountant… Maybe

In my secondary school I was so good at writing. English was
my best subject. I loved talking so it wasn’t any news I joined the press club.
Fast forward to my SS1 my junior secondary English teacher Mrs Obimma having
heard I was going to the commercial arm called me alongside two other teachers.
She was heartbroken that I decided to pursue accounting.

Why not law? Mass communication? What is wrong with
you?  I want to talk to your parents!Blah
blah blah! My mind was made up a long time ago… As regards profession it was
only accounting I saw.Just to inform you though 
I never liked maths or account! So what was the biggie? Why the

I love(d) talking and writing. I had the voice and the aura
while presenting speeches.

I remember I always picked my dad’s newspaper and pretended
to be the newscaster…Oh how I enjoyed it

I remember holding my hands as the mic and introducing my

self. I just spoke(whether it made sense or not but I’m sure it did make sense)
But remember I still wanted accounting 
as a profession! It was the perfect profession I thought. I didn’t want to put on white coats like the doctors, Or wear a robe like the lawyers, Or gloves like the engineers. I wanted to wear suit! As little as I was I admired great ladies and knew I could be one(boss lady)

I have lost counts of how many times I imagined myself in an
executive office. Ngozi Okonji was one of my models. So despite my not so strong love for maths I opted for accounting because of my childhood desire to be a boss(well as a child I thought bankers and accountants were cool)

But! I also wanted to talk, Be on TV, inspire people… When
I got to secondary school I always wanted to see YOUths become all they could
be I was Miss advicer(although I was still confused about purpose) I got more confused with time!

What was my purpose exactly? Oh not to worry if you are in
my shoes , I’m here for you) It’s amazing how far I have come from my desires and dream as a child till now. How by bits I have started playing out my dreams. Clarity isn’t gotten in a day! I stand in awe each day. 

What I wanted to do as at last week is now stale compared to

what I want to do now(in terms of structure)



You are confused about your life?

Keep moving! Rome isn’t built in a day.

This is me VICTORIA NWANNA, an  ‘accountant by study’ but a boss lady by inherent nature with or without the accounting profession who wears suit(now this isn’t the kpim) and inspires others by purpose(can you draw the line?) 

I don’t believe I have wasted four years studying accounting it was all instrumental to my build up(although I might not use this certificate)Please don’t tell my dad Godwin Nwanna

You want to know your end from beginning now?

You want it all mapped out already?Maybe not!

Can you just keep moving? You will be surprised how your disjointed dreams be aligned together for you. Follow your dreams they are valid!

I am not there yet! But I’m moving… I don’t know for sure the next few month’s package but I’m sure it will be eye bulging great!

 As regards my dream of talking I now anchor shows on air and a badass eventhost… With this I’m living my dream of being an OAP and an inspiration to any. I now have a community on facebook for youths. I don’t pretend to know it all but I am living!


This isn’t to blow my horn… And even if it is? If I don’t who will.This is a charge to you! Yes you! Your dreams are real but more real is the reality that keeps playing by bits! You will get there!What skill do you have? What dream do you hold dear?

Get up and start living it! .. It might not make sense now but it does make sense.

You have been approved! You have been given the power to unleash your unborn drive!  You can be anything and everything! All things work for your good… God wasn’t bluffing when He said that!  Again who are you? Sound it to your ears! Tell the universe!

Break structures and become YOU! Remember you can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens?

So now your turn, — Who are you?, What skills do you have?

Can I help? Every wednesday I will be sending great tips to you for business and life(well that is if you have subscribed to be part of my email family) and it is absolutely FREE

Oh I wish I could go on writing! Let me stop preaching on you, time’s up do enjoy a great time here.

I love you already

You are the real deal,

Victoria Nwanna




Victoria Nwanna is a fresh graduate of accounting in the university of Benin, Nigeria. She is an amazon bestselling author of LIFE’S COLOUR, public speaker,  badass event host, emcee, voice-over artist, SDG 1 member of World merit and a youth driver whose passion is to see youth upgrade and beyond dreaming get up an turn them to reality.  She is also the founder of TODAY’S HEROES MAGAZINE(a youth magazine changing the narratives of youth via sharing inspring stories and providing magazine mentorship) click here to get the magazine

Victoria is a certified Life coach and started a youth movement in January. She is the founder and lead facilitator of the GET UP YOUTH MOVEMENT, a community dedicated at rebranding youths and through which she has mentored directly and indirectly over 2500 youths and coached the young and aged. Via this movement she has been involved in so many outreaches the current being the project pad a girl where over 700 pads were distributed and She tech skills where over 500 girls were taught Coding, graphic designs, digital marketting, financial intelligence, social media and queen’s step. Also over 1500 girls were taught on sex, hygiene, selfesteem and identity, passion,  purpose and pursuit.

She was certified as one of Nigerian Bottling company (NBC) mentors during their youth empowerment program in collaboration with Edo state government.

She has written various life changing articles.

 Victoria is an OAP in an international online radio station http://Foreverworshipradio.com, where she hosts her show #Motivation Monday with Victoria by 3pm(GMT) every Monday. And works at unveilradio.

She was been interviewed by silverbird TV during her book launch in lagos and has been featured in blogs

She is an ardent volunteer of great causes and one who is passionate about personal development and has been invited to speak and train on various platform online and offline on topics bothering on Youth empowerment, growth, mindset, personal branding and others.

Victoria is the first out of  an amazing ‘half a dozen siblings’ and lives with her awesome and supportive parents in lagos.

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