When I came to the point where I knew who I was and the power I wielded the game changed.

Whilst growing I wanted to talk, be a person of influence and value. I wanted to impact. I just thought it out but didn’t even know how it would play out I just knew it would.

Today there’s a smile on my face from within having to look back on how this journey started. How in less than 6 months I have taken intentional steps.

 Was life been beautiful all the way? Of course! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

Were there ugly grounds oh yes but nothing is ugly beyond repairs.

I have always wanted more from life I still do.

The struggle of purpose was real.

My story isn’t why I am here today but yours is the focal Point.

In this journey there are ups and down… Life could be very unfair and well it could  be very much fair as well. I have learnt that I am not at war with life, it is not my competition actually it has been supporting me all along and now I’m more intentional on turning every of its throws and pats to my push. My Coach and mentor Edirin Edewor always showed me what intentionality meant.

I realized I am my life’s hero and yes I had gone through things outside my control that broke me and made me cry  but again I realized I have been given the power to rewrite, to design, to paint. Truth is no matter how long you think you are playing the game You won’t get the MVP award for the game you didn’t play beautifully IN.

It’s not just about playing but how outstanding you were at playing! Life is beyond just living. Sparkle effect by Naomi Osemedua ‘Why play local when you can be global? 

Are you ready to up your life, business, family, relationship? Your business is going great but are you fine enough to sustain it?

Nigeria is in a mess but is that enough to mess you up? The only thing more powerful than you in your life is what you allow be. My mentor Mrs Ekhoragbon Eidusi Onome always said Vic you can do this. Now I smile.

Life’s colours…

Life is what you make it be.

Dear chief architect, life is what you build it to be

Dear painter, life is what you colour it to be

Dear author, life is what you write it to be

Dear you, life is what you live it to be.

We are constantly being given a clean slate at life… What are you writing?

To this end I present to you with every joy I can muster… An amazement LIFE’S COLOUR

In writing this book It took a lot but I’m glad I did it afraid anyways.

Would you like any of these following?

1.boldness projected from a deep feeling of self worth?

2.Ability to have an increased income or financial goal, strategize, work towards and achieve it fully?

3.Efficient action and peak performance as a result of mind mapping?

4.Incredible self confidence

5.Empowering self esteem

I’m not done… Yet😍

  • Awakening each day with a strong vibe of positivity and success ready?
  • Ability to ask for something and get it
  • Ability to easily connect with quality people and form positive lasting relationships

Oh yes This is a Mega life transforming book!

Success, your success is never an accident but the result of regularly applied strategies, actions and internal framework to fully overcome the small you and engage life as the maximum you!

Target Audience?

You, who wants to make your life more beautiful

You, who needs the real you

Business persons ready to upgrade themselves ready for a business upgrade.

Your call…


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