What I am about to share with you is simple but powerful and will set the tone of your year right.

Like the usual adage, It is not profitable to pour a new wine into an old wine skin…

2019 is here,  but many are likely to fall into the same hole they fell in 2018.

Aside the prevention measure, this article is geared towards helping you enjoy a good ride in 2019!

Imagine what it would feel like to achieve all the goals you set out like I did acheive all my goals and extra in 2018?

And sometimes activities might  decieve you to think you actually achieved a lot  if you do not REFLECT?

Here are some questions you must clearly and truthfully answer

What did I do right in 2018?

What did I do wrong?

What can I do more?

What can I do less?

With these answers above take your time and restrategise for the year!

Afterwards write down 3 major goals you want for the year.

My coach will always say,  your goals for the year do not have to be like long prayer points.

Three things you know its achievement by December 31st 2019 would warm your heart with gratitude and joy. 3 major things that would set the pace for other achievements. In writing this,you owe no one an explanation. d

Do not be pressured into wanting these achievement because of other people’s achievement. Be true and real to your own self, for sanity sake! So you don’t struggle for the year for something not real to your growth!

With these three goals set clearly before you ask yourself, How do I achieve them?

What do I do more to achieve?

What do I do less to achieve them?

Who do I connect with to achieve them?

What events do I attend to achieve them?

Make a list of them and keep them before you buy more so in your heart!

Doing a review of your past year and reflecting on the coming year sets you up for PREPARATION and ACTION

Again, all of these above is dependent on how bad you want to achieve success in 2019, if your why is not strong enough you will suffer anyhow and by February the excitement and energy from setting goals will go to waste!

P.S will be organising a brunch for just 30 persons in Lagos to teach you extensively on goal setting and result acceleration, visionboarding and mind make over!

Watch this space for details.

You are the real deal

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