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Lifes's Colour Review

Life’s color isn’t fair and it isn’t dark, as Victoria says, but it can be any color you choose. I choose happy blue. It’s always been my favorite color. What color will you choose to reflect your life’s decision? Read Life’s color and find out.
Edirin Edewor
Founder at Online Publishers Network
Multiple Amazon Bestselling Author
Consultant and Trainer

I know what you are thinking..

You are thinking about your dreams… Aren’t you thinking about that right now?

You have great and magnificent dreams but you have been trapped in the prison of your own dreams. Probably you might think that you are not capable of living a good life or have what it takes to turn these dreams of yours into a reality. You might be confused. Feeling so unfulfilled and sometimes depression sets in. I was there before. I was once like you, if not even worse but something happened. I found a secret that changed my life!

After I found this secret, I made my first million and ever since then, I have made more money than that. Sometimes I am even scared if this is all a dream.

I am living the dream I desire. Did I forget to mention that I am just 23. Oh yes! I am!

I decided to share this secret with some of my friends and since then, their life have never remained the same.

No jokes! This secret is very powerful.

Since it has worked for me and my friends then I knew it was tested and trusted so I decided to compile everything into a bundle..

Here is what other people are saying about one of the books...

Here's what Nicholas Etsu says

When I was reading the book, I had this feeling as if a wise teacher was talking to me the whole time. I “devoured” the book in record time. I made many highlights, bookmarks, and screenshots because so much information had resonated with me, pulling my heartstrings. I learnt that "life has no particular colour but the one we paint it to be". The book is inspiring, but it also comes with practical action steps. The immediate application I had after reading was taking time to ponder on me, my value, and also block every loop hole that has made me sell myself short in the past. I am happy that I did it. There are so many gold nuggets and tactics I implemented, I plan to go back to the book again and implement more, especially in the "the script" part. This book is one I can't forget and I'll highly recommend because it taught me that whether I think I can or I cannot, either way, I'm right. I also learnt not to cry foul about situations instead stand up to the task, focus my mind on what I can be despite limitations and act in accordance. This wisdom changed my thought pattern and maybe I'm not there yet but I see my life charting a beautiful course. Thanks Victoria for this. You're awesome.
Nicholas Etsu

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  • You get....
  • Life's Colour - N2000
  • Art of Strategic Collaboration - N3,000
  • Goal Smashing Formula - N4,500
  • Unstuck - N3,000
  • How to Find hidden opportunities and Leverage on them - N2,500
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Good deal huh?

You can also make a Transfer or Bank Deposit to 6173151159 Victoria Nwanna, Fidelity Bank and then send proof of payment to victorianwanna16@gmail.com

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