I remember last year I was in the bathroom with my little sister and she wanted to hang her towel on the latch and knew she couldn’t so she asked me to help her.

And then since i was busy doing my laundry I just said ‘YOU CAN DO IT, IF YOU WANT TO’
And she said oh no I can’t! I’m not tall I can’t get there.

And then I watched her for long seconds jumping and trying hang it but still her efforts didn’t cut it.

And then it dawned on me
Sometimes motivation doesn’t cut it! It’s not enough to say you can, you need to build the muscles to actually do what you said you can do.
It’s not enough to set big goals you must grow to become that person who can achieve it.

And then I said PECU let me help,you need to grow a bit MORE first and she said ok

Sometimes we need growth to be able reach that height not just a series of you can do it!
Motivation gets you started but sometimes you don’t hassle too much if you are GROWING in congruence to the height you want to reach… No matter how I shouted you can do it, my sister couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to hang it… Except well God’s intervention or magic😂😂 I love love motivation… But it only gives you a surge of strength to act, your growing process is what ensures that that strength is well utilized and doesn’t waste!

Build your muscle… DON’T JOKE WITH YOUR GROWTH PROCESS, GET A COACH…just grow!
With a swap of my hands I hung the towel.(yeah durh I’m tall 😉 so easy peezy)

Enjoy a beautiful week.

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